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Stefano Delfino , "La Stampa"  


...Stuning, passionate performance of the pianist Gianluca Imperato, so many emotions for the entusiastic public...

Cervo Sanremo News

Great success at the concert last night, Monday, August 22.
Gianluca Imperato, prize winner in more than thirty national and international competitions including the "Rovere d'Oro" of San Bartolomeo al Mare, and invited in the most prestigious concert societies in Europe, played a very special program linked by the common thread of virtuosity on the keyboard through different eras, authors and styles.


The pianist was the Italian virtuoso Gianluca Imperato, whose exploits at the instrument is difficult to write because his play was a real spiritual feast. 

In addition to the perfect  technique required to perform such works, like the Revolutionary Etude and Grande Polonaise in A flat major, Gianluca showed an extraordinary understanding of this music. His gentle way of attacking the sound touched the most sensitive areas of the human soul, which have an extraordinary power of moving the listener and guiding him to the world's imagination. 


S.Lusawa, Musical critic     (Polnische Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien 8/10/2010)

...Sensitive and Mature Pianist,Able to "Sing" with the piano just as Chopin required...


Piero Longo, Musical critic and writer("La repubblica")



Chopin opens the concert of the pianist Gianluca Imperato,in V.Bellini's conservatory "Sala Scarlatti".

In the nocturne in C sharp minor can be catched the percussivity like a omen of pianistical relation that will have his peak in the final Liszt B minor Sonata.

A parenthesis of delicacy is signed by the two Scriabin's etude that the pianist satisfies ,expecially in the second one,in his dynamics and expressive changing,not lacking sometimes from peaks of full-bodied aggressiveness.

Gershwin and Piazzolla represent the intermediate moments,between power and softness,with undoubt technical control.

It is in the Liszt Sonata that the virtous quality of the pianist find place of substantive

achievement with rounded passages and even short espressive pauses surmounted then by sonority as if simphonic.


Sara Patera,Giornale di Sicilia.



Genuine sensitivity to music and to the piano sound. He is an intelligent, energetic, honest, hard-working and sympathetic young musician, with a determination to get on with his piano playing. Accordingly, he keeps improving his capabilities continually. His best performances show a considerable pianistic readiness, reliable control and a strong will-power.


Matti Raekallio,Pianist And Professor Julliard,New York.



"Temperamento ed espressività artistica di Gianluca Imperato"


La Voce



..His Program shows all the advanced technical and music abilities that a pianist should have...


Milano Web